WebAction Helps Absorb Human Variability

Managing Human-Induced Variability in the Distribution Center Copy



  • Supply Chain


  • Active Workflow Management

Business Impact

  • Increased packaging and shipping throughput
  • Realtime bottleneck identification across all platforms
  • Predictive bottleneck identification

Data Source

  • Transaction logs
  • Warehouse management system data
  • ERP inventory data
  • CRM data
  • Social feeds


With the growth of online shopping, product distribution centers have become larger and increasingly complex. Efficiency is paramount for these operations where saving pennies per package translates into material impact to the bottom line.


Modern distribution centers are data-driven operations. From ERP systems and scanners to conveyor belts with sensors; a significant amount of technology has been deployed in these environments. The next frontier in attaining higher levels of efficiency lies with detecting anomalies in realtime. Batch analytics does not allow for continuously measuring and analyzing the operations of a distribution center. Only realtime technology allows operators to immediately identify and address variability of the human touch, defects in equipment, breakdown in processes and ultimately attain productivity improvements that lead to bottom line gains.

WebAction Solution

WebAction allows you to bring all of your sensor data streams together along with inventory and ERP data for a comprehensive realtime view into your distribution center health at the Speed of Reality™. Each data stream from every sensor, including those that monitor human workflow efficiency, are now available in a single platform. Data can be used for easy-to-build stream analytic applications in realtime allowing line managers to manage bottlenecks and adjust supply chain flows as human-induced shocks are felt. Issues can be dealt with instantaneously and decisions are made based on the visibility provided in your data streams — in realtime. Predictive algorithms can also be applied to identify matches between human segment slow-downs and specific products being packed. For instance, products identified as harder to pack might result in a decision to increase their price of shipping and handling.


Our continuous distribution center solution provides realtime visibility into the health of your distribution center workflow and the ability to react and re-route workloads instantaneously. Realtime alerts allow you to react to adverse events as they are happening so that less of your inventory gets stuck in stalled workflows. Ultimately, WebAction allows you to create higher velocity inventory throughput and happier customers.

As requirements change, your WebAction realtime solution can be adapted accordingly. The platform is built for scalability and flexibility. Deployed stream analytics application can be opened in the WebAction Flow Designer GUI and reconfigured as business processes change. Business logic is represented in a easy to learn declarative SQL-based language, within the reach of a much broader audience than Java programmers alone. The continuous integration of realtime and historical information provides up-to-the-millisecond visibility in the health of your distribution center. Identify issues instantaneously and in-time to effectively resolve them.