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WebAction Exhibiting at Strata Conference + Hadoop World 2015 in San Jose, CA

Join WebAction February 18th – 20th for Strata Conference + Hadoop World 2015 in San Jose, CA. The conference will be held at San Jose Convention Center, hosting developers, data scientists, data analysts, and other data professionals. Come by our booth (#421) in the Expo Hall to meet our team. Learn more about high-velocity Big Data analytics, and experience …


The Bloor Group Webinar: Time Difference: How Tomorrow’s Companies Will Outpace Today’s

Join The Bloor Group and WebAction in the Briefing Room for Time Difference: How Tomorrow’s Companies Will Outpace Today’s. In our increasingly interconnected world, the windows of opportunity for meaningful action are shrinking. Where hours once sufficed, minutes are now the norm. For some transactions, seconds make all the difference, even sub-seconds. Meeting these demands requires a new …


In Novel Ways … WebAction for NonStop X Will Change the Way Business Operates!

We all continue to count down the days before the latest NonStop systems begin to ship in volume. NonStop X, as the members of the family of NonStop systems based on the Intel x86 architecture are now being called, brings NonStop back into the mainstream, with the last vestige of proprietary completely removed. To all …


WebAction, Big Data Stream Analytics for HP NonStop

WebAction, partnered with HP, brings realtime stream analytics that work in harmony with the NonStop ecosystem. HP NonStop is the leader in continuous availability systems, and the most valuable data in the enterprise resides in NonStop. With the arrival of HP NonStop X, companies will have the opportunity to use NonStop in novel ways. WebAction makes Big Data accessible …


Streaming Multi-log Correlation Using the WebAction Platform

Learn how the WebAction Multi-log micro application correlates interesting events across multiple data streams in real time. This video is a high-level demonstration of the Multi-log app correlating two live data streams, a web server log and an app server log. The Multi-log application can be extended to continuously correlate all structured, semi-structured, and transactional data …


The Bloor Group Lists WebAction as One of the 10 Companies to Watch in 2015

The Bloor Group chooses WebAction in their list of 10 Companies to Watch in 2015. The yearly Inside Analysis blog highlights companies and technologies that exemplify innovation in the IT industry. Chief Analyst, Dr. Robyn Bloor, notes that “WebAction has built a coherent and easy to use platform primarily for developing real-time analytics applications.” The WebAction Real-time …


HP Nonstop; It’s Where Telco and Finance Intersect and WebAction Can Leverage One for the Other!

The lessons mobile devices are teaching us tend to set the stage for what might be expected from ATMs shortly. There’s no question that the interest in mobile devices – particularly as we are learning that according to the Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA) “the world will have more than 1.75 billion smartphones by the …


Coincidence; Surely Not. WebAction Intersects with NonStop to Give You a Better Steak!

By chance this week I happened upon a website of a well-known steakhouse – one I have often visited, although not my absolute top pick. On their website I was greeted with a personalized offer to pair my next steak dinner with one of three really good wines, all deeply discounted. A quick exploration of …


View the WebAction Mobile Customer Experience Management Case Study: Veloxity

See how Veloxity, a mobile Customer Experience Management (CXM) company, uses WebAction to turn the tables on the telecom industry’s CXM standards. Co-founder and CEO, Bahadir Kuru, explains how the company processes data for millions of  mobile devices in real time to offer carriers a window into each and every consumer’s wireless experience. “When our first customers, …


Read The Bloor Group Paper: The Genesis of the Real-time Enterprise

The Bloor Group discusses the benefit of proactive operations for businesses in The Genesis of the Real-time Enterprise, How WebAction Enables Truly Responsive IT Applications. Robin Bloor, Ph.D. & Rebecca Jozwiak outline the need for real-time analytical computing with examples of businesses that have an inherent need for low-latency applications, like the banking sector, retail, telecommunication, and cloud …


Don’t Leave Home Without Them – and with Nonstop, the Experience Will Be Richer!

Gathering up my odds and ends as I headed for the car this morning, I couldn’t help noticing what today constitutes the basics I simply wouldn’t leave home without. There’s my phone, with a banknote firmly folded in a cover pouch along with a couple of business cards. Keys for the car? Well, today these …


Sign up for Boston Meetup & Demo Tuesday, Nov. 18th, 2014.

Register now for Boston Real-time Streaming Analytics for Big Data Meetup Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 6:00 PM. Corporations and agencies shell out billions of dollars annually for data center solutions yet, IT personnel are still unable to proactively manage outages, exposures and anomalies. See an example of a data driven app that leverages predictive models to identify device failures …