Analytics at the Speed of Reality

Analytics at the Speed of Reality

It is increasingly difficult to match the speed and level of sophistication of your customers’ experience. With that in mind, your competitive advantage lies in correlating information more quickly.

The WebAction platform makes it fast and simple to capture, aggregate, correlate and visualize streaming data. By combining up-to-the-millisecond visibility with deep history and context, you can identify issues instantaneously, and automate responses to realtime business and customer events.


Quickly Build and Iterate Applications

Deliver streaming correlation and aggregation Big Data apps tailored to your business in days, not months. With a simple GUI, create an ecosystem of interconnected enterprise-grade stream analytics apps that seamlessly complement your existing infrastructure.


Enterprise-Grade Services Built-in

The WebAction platform is simple and easy-to-use, while smoothly integrating with existing infrastructure. This realtime stream analytics platform provides security at the user and data level, is fault tolerant with checkpoint and rollback, has reusable data and data events, and provides massive scale to grow with your business.

Pillars of Big Data Stream Analytics


Data Assimilation

Effortlessly involve a broad array of high-velocity Big Data sources. Add data types on-the-fly to make them available to multiple stream analytics apps.


Context Caches

Correlate your streaming data with rich history and context data in realtime from your existing data stores.


Native Times-Series

Sequentially aggregate, correlate, and analyze streaming events as they happen. Make sense of data over time and automate responses.


Continuous Queries

Data is processed continuously as it is received. Correlation, aggregation, and filtering enable meaningful up-to-the-millisecond visibility.


Flexible Windowing

Highly flexible stream segmentation for analytics.
Out-of-the-box functionality allows windowing based on time and events.


Visualizations and Targets

Instant access to stream analytics via built-in visualization tools and standard interfaces such as JDBC and REST API.