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Streaming Multi-log Correlation Using the WebAction Platform

Learn how the WebAction Multi-log micro application correlates interesting events across multiple data streams in real time. This video is a high-level demonstration of the Multi-log app correlating two live data streams, a web server log and an app server log. The Multi-log application can be extended to continuously correlate all structured, semi-structured, and transactional data …


Sign up for Boston Meetup & Demo Tuesday, Nov. 18th, 2014.

Register now for Boston Real-time Streaming Analytics for Big Data Meetup Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 6:00 PM. Corporations and agencies shell out billions of dollars annually for data center solutions yet, IT personnel are still unable to proactively manage outages, exposures and anomalies. See an example of a data driven app that leverages predictive models to identify device failures …


Big Data and NonStop – Here to Stay and Users Richer for It!

“Big Data is here to stay, and it’s getting bigger. Volume, variety, and velocity are growing at ever increasing rates, and the data is coming from more diverse sources than ever (Internet of Things, sensors, machines, components, etc.). The next generation agile enterprise needs a Big Data analytics solution that allows seamless integration of transactional …


CIO Story Names WebAction as One of the 20 Most Powerful Big Data Companies

WebAction has been named one of the 20 Most Powerful Big Data Companies by CIO Story. The WebAction Real-time App Platform tames big data, using Data Driven Apps, built with flexible and customizable business logic. WebAction: Providing Data Driven Apps For Agile Enterprises WebAction shows you a constantly updated overview of your business by processing …


Register to Experience the WebAction Data Center Edition in Houston, TX October 24th

Join WebAction Account Executive, Steve Banovic, for a lunch and interactive meetup to explore the capabilities of the WebAction Real-time App Platform: Data Center Edition in Houston, TX on October 24th 2014 at at 11:30 AM. Corporations and government agencies claim to own the necessary management tools to maintain SLAs yet, when outages occur, nobody knows what the …


CIO Review Adds WebAction to Oracle 100 Most Promising Oracle Solution Providers

WebAction is excited to be recognized as one of the CIO Review Oracle 100 Most Promising Oracle Solution Providers. WebAction integrates with Oracle NoSQL as a robust persistence layer for our Data Driven Apps. WebAction Data Driven Apps and Oracle NoSQL “The new release of Oracle NoSQL Database adds compelling value for developers and IT, like …


Transformers Aren’t Solely Fiction – Our Data Routinely Transforms!

I have been a part of the IT community for more than four decades, and the more I observe the massive shifts in tectonic plates that occur sometimes, the clearer I realize that the more things change, the more they stay the same. In fact, it’s not a stretch to look at what is happening …


Value Networking? Nonstop Community Certainly Does!

LinkedIn is a good networking tool, especially for IT professionals, and having a place to go to check out topics of interest is every bit as good as the networking opportunities themselves. We are by now all familiar with the many groups catering to our needs and equally familiar with the tabs Discussions and Promotions. …


Alok Pareek to Present at NoSQL Now! Conference

Join WebAction’s Co-Founder and EVP of Products, Alok Pareek, along with Dave Rubin, Director of NoSQL Product Development at Oracle, for a presentation following the NoSQL Now! Conference. The Oracle Meetup:  Big Data Apps in Action:  A Real-time Perspective takes place Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014 from 6:00PM – 8:00PM in San Jose, CA. and will focus on “real world” implementations of the WebAction Predictive Data …


Webaction Real-time App Platform to Exhibit at Futurecom 2014

WebAction will be exhibiting at Futurecom 2014; the largest ICT (Information and Communications Technology) event in Latin America held in São Paulo, Brazil. Stop by The Business Trade Show October 14-16 to learn more about our Real-time App Platform and Data Driven Apps (booth #i8) . Futurecom 2014 will be held October 13 – 16, showcasing state-of-the-art technology, gathering Market Forces …


Real-time Data Driven App Use Case: SF Marathon Business Impact

This weekend I ran across an interesting real-life tale where the WebAction Point-of-Sale Data Driven App could have saved (and made) WholeFoods, thousands of dollars in profit. For some businesses the huge number of participants running through downtown for the annual SF marathon equated to increased sales. Unfortunately for the Potrero Hill Whole Foods, their …