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The Bloor Group Webinar: Time Difference: How Tomorrow’s Companies Will Outpace Today’s

Join The Bloor Group and WebAction in the Briefing Room for Time Difference: How Tomorrow’s Companies Will Outpace Today’s. In our increasingly interconnected world, the windows of opportunity for meaningful action are shrinking. Where hours once sufficed, minutes are now the norm. For some transactions, seconds make all the difference, even sub-seconds. Meeting these demands requires a new …


Realtime Player Tracking for Super Bowl XLIX (2015)

The NFL and NBC will be offering realtime player tracking for Super Bowl XLIX (2015) (that’s #49 for those who haven’t memorized the Roman numeral system). During Super Bowl XLVIII (2014) Fox enhanced their broadcast using a realtime system based on multi-camera player video tracking from ChyronHego (TRACAB video technology acquired from SAAB). The 2014 …


The Bloor Group Lists WebAction as One of the 10 Companies to Watch in 2015

The Bloor Group chooses WebAction in their list of 10 Companies to Watch in 2015. The yearly Inside Analysis blog highlights companies and technologies that exemplify innovation in the IT industry. Chief Analyst, Dr. Robyn Bloor, notes that “WebAction has built a coherent and easy to use platform primarily for developing real-time analytics applications.” The WebAction Real-time …


Out of the Shadows; NonStop with WebAction Proves to Be a Tantalizing Proposition!

When there’s a rock group called Big Data with a popular song, Dangerous, then the lyrics just shout out to be given a second read. Picking up the words while driving isn’t easy to do, so it had to wait till I returned to the office and did a search – I came across the …


View the WebAction Mobile Customer Experience Management Case Study: Veloxity

See how Veloxity, a mobile Customer Experience Management (CXM) company, uses WebAction to turn the tables on the telecom industry’s CXM standards. Co-founder and CEO, Bahadir Kuru, explains how the company processes data for millions of  mobile devices in real time to offer carriers a window into each and every consumer’s wireless experience. “When our first customers, …


Read The Bloor Group Paper: The Genesis of the Real-time Enterprise

The Bloor Group discusses the benefit of proactive operations for businesses in The Genesis of the Real-time Enterprise, How WebAction Enables Truly Responsive IT Applications. Robin Bloor, Ph.D. & Rebecca Jozwiak outline the need for real-time analytical computing with examples of businesses that have an inherent need for low-latency applications, like the banking sector, retail, telecommunication, and cloud …


Veloxity Uses WebAction to Facilitate Exponential Growth for their Customer Experience Management (CXM) Solution.

Veloxity is an up-and-coming mobile Customer Experience Management (CXM) company committed to understanding the wireless experience from the customer perspective. Telecom industry experts at Veloxity have developed a real-time, crowd-sourced CXM solution that enhances network and device management by collecting diagnostic data such as bandwidth usage and signal strength to assess overall network quality. “We are looking …


Big Data and NonStop – Here to Stay and Users Richer for It!

“Big Data is here to stay, and it’s getting bigger. Volume, variety, and velocity are growing at ever increasing rates, and the data is coming from more diverse sources than ever (Internet of Things, sensors, machines, components, etc.). The next generation agile enterprise needs a Big Data analytics solution that allows seamless integration of transactional …


WebAction Quadcopter Drone Offer at Strata Conference + Hadoop World 2014

Here’s one more reason to attend the Strata Conference + Hadoop World 2014 in New York City this Thursday and Friday. Come meet the WebAction team and register for a chance to win a DJI Phantom FC40 Quadcopter w/ FPV Camera in three easy steps. Before 3PM on Friday: Re-tweet a @WebActionInc tweet tagged with #WAWin Register your Twitter username with WebAction Scan your badge …


TDWI Research Paper “Real-Time Data, BI and Analytics”

TDWI Best Practices Report: Real-Time Data, BI and Analytics I came across some interesting findings in the latest TDWI Research Paper, “Real-Time Data, BI and Analytics Accelerating Business to Leverage Customer Relations, Competitiveness, and Insights,” by analysts Philip Russom, David Stoddler and Fern Halper. In April 2014, TDWI invited BI professionals in its database to complete an Internet-based survey. …


Register Now for the TDWI Webinar “Real-Time Data, BI and Analytics”

Sign up for the TDWI webinar on October 14, 2014 at 9:00 AM PT sharing research findings from TDWI’s new Best Practices report, Real-Time Data, BI, and Analytics: Accelerating Business to Leverage Customer Relations, Competitiveness, and Insights. About the TDWI Webinar Learn more about trends and drivers for real-time data, BI and Analytics. “Over three quarters of organizations …


Value Networking? Nonstop Community Certainly Does!

LinkedIn is a good networking tool, especially for IT professionals, and having a place to go to check out topics of interest is every bit as good as the networking opportunities themselves. We are by now all familiar with the many groups catering to our needs and equally familiar with the tabs Discussions and Promotions. …