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In Novel Ways … WebAction for NonStop X Will Change the Way Business Operates!

We all continue to count down the days before the latest NonStop systems begin to ship in volume. NonStop X, as the members of the family of NonStop systems based on the Intel x86 architecture are now being called, brings NonStop back into the mainstream, with the last vestige of proprietary completely removed. To all …


WebAction, Big Data Stream Analytics for HP NonStop

WebAction, partnered with HP, brings realtime stream analytics that work in harmony with the NonStop ecosystem. HP NonStop is the leader in continuous availability systems, and the most valuable data in the enterprise resides in NonStop. With the arrival of HP NonStop X, companies will have the opportunity to use NonStop in novel ways. WebAction makes Big Data accessible …


Is There a Hybrid in Your Future Based on NonStop?

When HP Vice President & General Manager, Integrity Server, Randy Meyer, presented to the gathering of Canadian NonStop community in October, 2013, the theme of his talk resonated with all present. Meyer elected to build on key focus items that HP CEO, Meg Whitman, had highlighted only a few months earlier during her presentation at …


For NonStop Users, No Sleep Lost from Deploying WebAction!

When it comes to truisms in my family the ones that stand out include never making our bed when we are tired, never cooking when we are hungry and never buying a car when we need one. Clearly, performing any of these tasks when not necessary has proven the more beneficial as well as being …


Coincidence; Surely Not. WebAction Intersects with NonStop to Give You a Better Steak!

By chance this week I happened upon a website of a well-known steakhouse – one I have often visited, although not my absolute top pick. On their website I was greeted with a personalized offer to pair my next steak dinner with one of three really good wines, all deeply discounted. A quick exploration of …


View the WebAction Mobile Customer Experience Management Case Study: Veloxity

See how Veloxity, a mobile Customer Experience Management (CXM) company, uses WebAction to turn the tables on the telecom industry’s CXM standards. Co-founder and CEO, Bahadir Kuru, explains how the company processes data for millions of  mobile devices in real time to offer carriers a window into each and every consumer’s wireless experience. “When our first customers, …


Time for an Ever-watchful Guardian…

This past week I joined the HP NonStop systems community for their annual technical boot camp held in San Jose. In what is clearly trending upwards, this event started out quietly enough but quickly outgrew its initial event space and with an even stronger showing this year, has clearly outgrown its second venue. Pre-conference sessions, …


Veloxity Uses WebAction to Facilitate Exponential Growth for their Customer Experience Management (CXM) Solution.

Veloxity is an up-and-coming mobile Customer Experience Management (CXM) company committed to understanding the wireless experience from the customer perspective. Telecom industry experts at Veloxity have developed a real-time, crowd-sourced CXM solution that enhances network and device management by collecting diagnostic data such as bandwidth usage and signal strength to assess overall network quality. “We are looking …


Value Networking? Nonstop Community Certainly Does!

LinkedIn is a good networking tool, especially for IT professionals, and having a place to go to check out topics of interest is every bit as good as the networking opportunities themselves. We are by now all familiar with the many groups catering to our needs and equally familiar with the tabs Discussions and Promotions. …


WebAction Chooses SimbaEngine SDK to Power ODBC Connectivity

Real-time Data Driven Software Pioneer Incorporates SimbaEngine ODBC Connectors into its Flagship Real-time Enterprise App Platform Today Simba Technologies Inc., the enterprise leader in standards-based connectivity solutions for relational and multi-dimensional data, announced that data driven app innovator WebAction, Inc. is using the SimbaEngine™ Software Development Kit to develop ODBC connectivity for its revolutionary Real-time …