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Realtime Player Tracking for Super Bowl XLIX (2015)

The NFL and NBC will be offering realtime player tracking for Super Bowl XLIX (2015) (that’s #49 for those who haven’t memorized the Roman numeral system). During Super Bowl XLVIII (2014) Fox enhanced their broadcast using a realtime system based on multi-camera player video tracking from ChyronHego (TRACAB video technology acquired from SAAB). The 2014 …


A Solution for the Data Scientist Shortage of 2015

Companies are learning how to unlock the potential windfall of insights that are available in their big data stores (e.g. Apache Hadoop) and more recently in their enterprise big data streams. In a recent article on (Big data’s big stumbling block), Nyshka Chandran points out that there simply are not enough skilled engineers to …


WebAction Videos Page

WebAction, Now in Motion! See WebAction in… action. We launched the WebAction Featured Videos Page on the website this week. (you can find the videos link located under the “Resources” menu above) The First Two Videos The first two videos are from our recent webcasts with The Bloor Group. The first video provides a glimpse of the …


5 Questions to Ask Any Streaming Big Data Analytics Vendor

The big data analytics market is rapidly embracing streaming data as the newest source of tremendously valuable time-sensitive insights. Many enterprises are beginning to demand solutions to easily acquire and expose their big data streams for analysis. Last week Forrester released “The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Streaming Analytics Platforms,Q3 2014” (by Mike Gualtieri and Rowan …


How Will the Internet of Things Impact Streaming Data?

In a thought provoking post on Forbes this week, Mike Kavis warns “Don’t Underestimate The Impact of the Internet of Things“. Mike discusses how the Internet of Things will have a bigger impact on life that most people understand. As the post starts out, many people hear the term “Internet of Things” and they envision …


The Economist on the Cyber-security Dangers from the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things Means You Now Have Less Time to ID Threats In a July 12 Cyber-security brief “The internet of things (to be hacked)” The Economist discussed the coming explosion of connected devices sharing data in what has commonly become called the Internet of Things (IoT), or as some are now calling the Internet …