Streaming Multi-log Correlation Using the WebAction Platform


Learn how the WebAction Multi-log micro application correlates interesting events across multiple data streams in real time. This video is a high-level demonstration of the Multi-log app correlating two live data streams, a web server log and an app server log. The Multi-log application can be extended to continuously correlate all structured, semi-structured, and transactional data sources allowing businesses to watch events and add context as they unfold.

Multi-log Correlation Highlights

  • Acquire data from all of your enterprise sources (structured, semi-structured, unstructured, and transactional)
  • Correlated events across multiple streams in real time to alert, visualize, and persist to storage
  • Continuously monitor data streams for interesting events
  • Process multiple data sources in-memory, before they land on storage
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop development environment

Multi-log Correlation Real-time Use Cases

  • VIP activity identification
  • cross log correlation
  • user activity enrichment
  • hack attempts
  • blacklist cross checks
  • large response times
  • zero content check
  • stream enrichment
  • real-time contextual marketing offers