Archives - December 2014


HP Nonstop; It’s Where Telco and Finance Intersect and WebAction Can Leverage One for the Other!

The lessons mobile devices are teaching us tend to set the stage for what might be expected from ATMs shortly. There’s no question that the interest in mobile devices – particularly as we are learning that according to the Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA) “the world will have more than 1.75 billion smartphones by the …


Out of the Shadows; NonStop with WebAction Proves to Be a Tantalizing Proposition!

When there’s a rock group called Big Data with a popular song, Dangerous, then the lyrics just shout out to be given a second read. Picking up the words while driving isn’t easy to do, so it had to wait till I returned to the office and did a search – I came across the …


Coincidence; Surely Not. WebAction Intersects with NonStop to Give You a Better Steak!

By chance this week I happened upon a website of a well-known steakhouse – one I have often visited, although not my absolute top pick. On their website I was greeted with a personalized offer to pair my next steak dinner with one of three really good wines, all deeply discounted. A quick exploration of …


View the WebAction Mobile Customer Experience Management Case Study: Veloxity

See how Veloxity, a mobile Customer Experience Management (CXM) company, uses WebAction to turn the tables on the telecom industry’s CXM standards. Co-founder and CEO, Bahadir Kuru, explains how the company processes data for millions of  mobile devices in real time to offer carriers a window into each and every consumer’s wireless experience. “When our first customers, …