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Film Strips | source: http://pixabay.com/p-253352/?no_redirectWebAction, Now in Motion!

See WebAction in… action. We launched the WebAction Featured Videos Page on the website this week. (you can find the videos link located under the “Resources” menu above)

The First Two Videos

The first two videos are from our recent webcasts with The Bloor Group. The first video provides a glimpse of the WebAction platform processing big data streams with co-founder Sami Akbay. In the video, we take a closer look at the streaming multi-log correlation app as well as our real-time payment processor point-of-sale data driven app. The second video is a round table discussion about analytics and business, which includes WebAction co-founder Steve Wilkes.

#1 Take Action – The New Reality of Data Driven Business

The waiting used to be the hardest part, but not anymore. Today’s cutting-edge enterprises can seize opportunities faster than ever, thanks to an array of technologies that enable real-time responsiveness across the spectrum of business processes. Early adopters are solving critical business challenges by enabling the rapid-fire design, development, and production of very specific applications. Functionality can range from improved customer engagement to dynamic machine-to-machine interactions.

#2 How Can Analytics Improve Business?

Analytical applications are everywhere these days, and for good reason. Organizations large and small are using analytics to better understand any aspect of their business: customers, processes, behaviors, even competitors. There are several critical success factors for using analytics effectively:

    1. know which kind of apps make sense for your company
    2. figure out which data sets you can use, both internal and external
    3. determine optimal roles and responsibilities for your team
    4. identify where you need help, either by hiring new employees or using consultants
    5. manage your program effectively over time

Next Steps

Once you’ve had a chance to sample the Real-time App Platform in action, I encourage you to contact us for a personalized demonstration of how you can use real-time streaming big data analytics for your competitive advantage.