Get custom-built, up-to-the-millisecond visibility into your customers and business.

With WebAction, you can react both in-time and in-context, whether you’re maximizing potential revenue, increasing efficiencies, or identifying issues before they become serious problems.


The Most Comprehensive Stream Analytics Platform

The robust and highly scalable platform assimilates both structured and unstructured data from a wide variety of realtime sources such as market data, Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile devices, sensors, log files, social media and database transactions.


Assimilate, Correlate, Analyze High-Velocity Big Data

High-velocity data is processed continuously. With this data in-memory, users are able to quickly aggregate and correlate data across multiple streams, and deliver robust, tailored Big Data Analytics applications.


Let Us Handle the Tough Bits

Embed our robust yet flexible, enterprise-grade stream analytics platform into your solutions. You get to focus on your core competencies while we manage the complexities of your streaming data and realtime analysis.

WebAction is the most comprehensive, realtime stream analytics platform, brought to you by the leading data management and application experts from GoldenGate Software and WebLogic. Schedule a demo today!